Managing Your Business after Covid-19

After the virus is controlled or even eradicated, things will not be the same for years. If in business it is extremely important to have continuation plan. Those running small or large companies need to do the same thing, as though you were starting a new company:
1) Consider the amount of revenue that will continue to come in or you are sure will come in
2) Is existing or desired overhead necessary?
3) What staff are needed to to properly fulfill the required service or product requirements?
4) Do you have the funds to sustain the operation in its new or existing position? Would additional investors, or loans be necessary to allow time to rebuild or develop new business?

Regardless of the size or scope of the future or existing business there must be a line of communication that allows employees to be encouraged, listened to, and feel they are part of the future success of the company. We need to understand, most importantly that how we interact with employees is now more important in this “new world” than at any time since the great depression!